The world's largest corporate competition

The Berliner Business Awards honor the best companies every year. The award gives great entrepreneurs the chance to stand out from the huge number of offers. The competition is based on an independent process and is not supported by companies with third-party interests or sponsors.


An overall rating is given to determine the best companies. This is made up of the three individual evaluations of the various main criteria, psychological know-how, design and customer satisfaction. Our participants are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals, which our winners can use for various advertising purposes.



Our top 6 advantages

There are only a few corporate competitions in the world that offer so many guarantees and services for each company entered.

In our opinion, success lies in one word: added value. Nowadays it is no longer enough to just award a medal. We offer a full offline and online marketing package to promote the award winning companies:

• A free medal, in digital form, that you can use for various advertising purposes for your winning company.

• The winners will be presented in an exclusive area on our website (with thousands of visitors / month).

• The award-winning companies are advertised actively and passively via social networks.

• The results are sent to the members of the jury to connect companies.

• We work hand in hand with our partners to distinguish the winners from the competition.

• High-quality diplomas in A4 format with gold (silver or bronze) laminate medals for all winners.

New standards

In cooperation with the relevant committees, the maximum number of submissions for the Berliner Business Award was limited to 5,000 per event. If this self-imposed limit is exceeded, we unfortunately have to close the registration period before the deadline that has been set. Therefore, participants should not wait until the last moment, but rather submit their registrations as soon as possible.

For us, this restriction is a logical step in the quality approach that we work with and that we implement in all areas of work. At the same time, this measure prevents an inflationary increase in the number of companies awarded the Berliner Business Award.

Dates and Deadlines

Registration start:

1st Sept. 2021

Registration deadline:

28th Feb. 2022

Winner listing:

16th Mai 2022

One time fee:

€ 250,00